ACYOA Juniors

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The Armenian Church Youth Organization of America, ACYOA Junior division is for the 13-17 years of age young adults.

St. Gregory’s Juniors organize events and raise money to help several organizations in the USA and Armenia. Juniors also serve in many church-related events. As a group of 22 active members, we were able to continue our celebrated traditions and also host new events. Over the past year, the ACYOA has worked to successfully uphold the five circles of the cross: worship, education, service, fellowship, and witness.

Some events the Juniors plan include Sports Weekend, the Lenten Retreat, Thanksgiving Meal Drive, and Holiday events. We also donate to various Armenian organizations, including FAR, CASP, and others.

Executive Board

  • Chair- Taleen Postian
  • Vice Chair- Nyrie Ohanessian
  • Recording sec- Cody Eskandarian
    • Asst Rec – Lenna Kouzoujian
  • Communication sec- Lydia Ochoa
    • Asst Comm- Armen Wood
  • Treasurer- Tanya Postian
    • Asst Treasur- Anna Wood
  • Diocesan Liason – Avesdis Ohanessian

Chris Pahrigian LeFevre – Adviser