Reconsecration of Chapel November 7, 2010
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During my first visit to Armenia in July 2007, accompanied by my cousin Kenneth Thommen, I used as a guide book REDISCOVERING ARMENIA by Bradey Keisling, an American diplomat who wrote this book in 1991 while stationed in Yerevan in order to help the nascent Armenian tourist industry. He mentions the village of Chochkan and the Chapel built there by the General’s Mother.

In the Lori, the province in the northern part of Armenia where the village is located we discovered this historic building in a neglected condition.
– George Omartian II    (read entire presentation in the attached file at the bottom of this page)

About the documentary:
The film tries to be informative but also uplifting. It attempts to capture in artistic images and exquisite music the emotion of the villagers, the clergy and the sponsors. The order in which the scenes are presented is metaphor for the sadness of a neglected chapel, the joy of being able to bring it back to life and the sublime feeling of the sacred re-connection with the heavens. The somber, melancholic images and tonalities with which the film opens are replaced with bright images and a fast tempo of Armenian folk music. Once inside, the reconsecration and the liturgy are shown in fully saturated color tones and ethereal backgrounds accompanied by sacred choral music to convey the presence of divinity. The film ends with a recognition of the participants and donors interlaced with a series of vibrant artistic images. Each one of them is intended to carry a rich narrative of a symbol or particular moment in time with which the viewed can instantly connect. The film ends with the image of the glowing cross. This stands as a symbol of the holy light which, having previously permeated the souls of the people involved, is now coming into full view for everyone to see.
-Robert Andriano