July 2016
Dear Parishioners:We are excited to let you know of the progress we have made in building the Harry and Edna Keleshian Hall.  See attached pictures of the work done: location of the new playground is complete, and the 18 parking spaces and the building is in progress.
For the 18 car parking area:
– rock has been hammered and removed;
– the remaining back wall is up; and
– shortly the grading and gravel will be placed and then the last item will be placing the grass pavers.
This will be ready for when we have our picnic and many activities are planned in this area for our children at the picnic.
For the New Hall structure:
– the foundation walls were poured;
– the backfill of main section is completed; and
– soon the foundation work for the connector (connecting classrooms to hall) will start with the concrete slab poured a week later.By mid-July we should be ready to have structure delivered to site.

As you know we will need to raise $600,000 to complete the project. Harry always encouraged us to donate through a matching process, as he firmly believed that ALL parishioners should participate in any fund raising drive. In 2014, Harry pledged that he would increase his donation by 60% by matching up to $200,000 of any additional funds we raised for the Hall. Let¹s not lose this special pledge to get us to our goal.It is never too late to add to your donation and again we appreciate anything you can do to help us create this hall for our future generations.God bless you and your family!

The Harry and Edna Keleshian Hall Committee