The Fuller Center for Housing – Armenia
Blossoming Partnership with St. Gregory the Enlightner Armenian Church

There is something that all people must have: a decent home to live in. It gives to a family, to an individual the opportunity to be stronger for tomorrow and build a sustainable future. It boosts one’s sense of dignity and pride which in its turn increases the educational and employment prospects.  This basic need of a decent home for Armenian families became a stimulus for a new partnership with St. Gregory the Enlightener Armenian Church of White Plains. The new partnership brought a real blessing to the Margaryan family from Aragatsotn region, the village of Ujan which has witnessed endless sorrows in their lives. A needy family dwelling in a small, old shack with no conditions necessary for adequate living – an outhouse instead of a toilet, pots instead of a shower, manually refillable container attached to a tree for washing up…

In 2012 September the house donors – parish members with priest Fr. Karekin – visited and blessed the construction of the house. Ellie Krolian, Chairperson of St. Gregory the Enlightener Women’s Guild, said: “To learn that many Armenian families are unable to enjoy the most basic need for adequate housing and to see that Fuller Armenia provided a proven way to address this need caused a groundswell of interest and action among our parishioners. The opportunity to provide families with reasonable housing in Armenia clearly benefits children by providing them a stable and safe environment in which to grow and learn. We would strongly urge other parishes to invite representatives from Fuller Armenia to come to your churches and hear and see first-hand what a difference you can make. We look forward to our continued involvement and would gladly share our experience with anyone considering partnering with Fuller Armenia. You really can make a difference.”

The enthusiasm the members took from the construction site and the inspiration that the help provided will make the future life of the family brighter deepened the roots of the partnership.

It is with great pleasure we are able to announce that enough funds have been raised to build our third house in partnership with The Fuller Center for Housing/Armenia. As a matter of fact, we have collected more funds than needed so we are on our way to house Number Four.

Thank you so much for your participation in the first three homes. A home is the core of every family. It is the center of everyone’s kingdom. It is where families join together. Please let’s continue this worthwhile project of building homes and encourage your friends and family and join in to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Armenia.

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Fuller Center for Housing Armenia is a charitable organization which is based on principles of volunteerism and benevolence. All the funds required to ensure the smooth work of the organization as well as necessary for constructing simple decent and affordable houses are donated to the organization by donors of various background.
We encourage you to join the army of our supporters by your gift and thus help us to eliminate poverty housing  in Armenia.
All the funds you donate will go to our construction program and will help a needy Armenian family to become a full-rights owner of their first ever home or to improve their deteriorated house Donations to Fuller Center Armenia are tax deductible.

Full Sponsorship Costs
Completion of Half-built house – 10,500 USD
Renovation -2,900 USD